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Legacy Patio Project  
(Artistic Rendition by Laura Davidson)
February 22, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that our LEGACY PATIO PROJECT is scheduled for installation during Spring Break 2017! 

Pacheco Brothers has agreed to take our contract and with additional monetary help from PUSD and generous donations from Brandon Crawford, not only will our patio be installed and the front grass area revitalized, but the sidewalk will also be repaired, giving the front of our school a refreshed and tidy look.

We want to thank all of you for supporting this project and for those of you who have already purchased bricks, please make some time after installation to come by and find your engraved brick.

If you have not yet purchased a brick please don't worry. We are working on an additional flash sale that will allow you to purchase an engraved brick before installation. If weather does not permit us to take this route, then we will plan to schedule an on site engraving during the summer months when weather is drier. There are plenty of bricks left to engrave! Look for our flash sale announcements in Vintage Hills News and on our homepage.

Funds raised for this project have thus far covered the cost of the patio installation. Any future funds raised from this project will specifically fund playground projects. The PTA is committed to supporting teachers in their efforts to educate the whole child and time outdoors is a vital component of this process.

In 2015, the Vintage Hills PTA launched the Legacy Patio Project and Playground Enhancement Campaign Brick Fundraiser to help raise funds for a much needed facelift to the front of the school and to the school playground. What better way to remember our children's time here at Vintage Hills than with a permanent, easily accessible legacy brick patio? Each family can order a custom brick that can be engraved with the family's name, child's name, or the name of the child's favorite teacher. 

Our Legacy Patio Project has raised close to $16,000 (6/1/16) due to the generosity of our Vintage Hills Community. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $100,000. Please purchase a brick for your family, spread the word, and encourage other families to consider buying a brick.

Phase #1:  Current prices effective through June 1, 2016: standard 4x8 brick=$175, large 8x11 brick=$225. Funds raised during Phase 1 will be allocated to the Legacy Patio Project. Bricks ordered in this phase will be installed in front of the school to create the legacy patio by Summer 2016.

Phase #2:  
Phase 2 of the Playground Enhancement Campaign may continue for the next five years or until all bricks, which are installed in place, are engraved. A price increase will be effective June 2, 2016: standard 4x8=$205, large 8x11 brick=$265. Funds raised will be used to enhance the school playground. 

The Playground Enhancement Campaign plans include the following:

  • playground equipment (balls, hoops, jump ropes etc.) 
  • additional ADA-approved stand-alone play components (incl. musical play, twirling & spinning)
  • repair/replace grass field
  • installation of kickball/baseball diamond
  • new ADA-approved play structure  

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