Go Green

Recycling, green initiatives and eco-awareness are taken seriously at Vintage Hills. To that end, we have several programs at our school to promote education and awareness of ecological issues. For more information or to share ideas, please contact Emily Seltzer, Go Green Coordinator.

Classroom Recycling Contests
We encourage all students to recycle bottles made of glass and plastic and 
aluminum cans at home. Each classroom also has a bin to collect plastic and aluminum (please do not bring glass to school for safety concerns!). Money raised via the Classroom Recycling Contests is deposited directly into each teacher’s classroom fund.

E-Waste Collection Drives
We hold periodic E-Waste Collection Drives on campus. All e-was
te collected is recycled through our partner, FundingFactory which provides our school with cash, technology or recreational equipment in exchange for qualifying e-waste. We keep these materials out of our landfills and maximize reuse. For general e-waste information, check out the E-Waste Collection page.

Green tips are available in the FYI and on the E-Waste Collections page. Thank you for your help and support in spreading social responsibility and awareness throughout our school community!

School Garden
Our school garden is a living educational tool that provides students with opportunities to establish a life-long appreciation for the environment and their community. In conjunction with the Vintage Hill’s Science Program, students spend time working and learning in our garden. We also host period themed family garden work parties. The goal is to create a healthy understanding of nutrition through hands-on learning in a fun and relaxed environment, while also fostering friendships with other Vintage Hills families.

Girl and Boy Scouts Volunteer Opportunities
If you or your child is involved with a kids club like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, please contact Emily Seltzer, Go Green Coordinator, for the volunteer opportunities listed below. Your scouts only need to commit to one event, one date, and the single experience will have a huge impact on everyone.

PTA General Meetings
Come join us at our General Meetings on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the School Library!

September 12, 2018
January 16, 2019
March 20, 2019–9:30 am
May 15, 2019

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