Fit Friday

Grades 1 – 5
If you have any questions OR you are interested in volunteering at lunch on Fridays,
please contact Vivian Shum, Education & Health Services.

Is your child ready for a challenge? It is time for all of us to make a promise to ourselves to stay healthy throughout the coming "not so healthy" season! During lunch on Fridays, students grades 1–5, may choose to participate in a 15 minute running, walking program (students run/walk on the blue line which wraps around the school playground.) Kids will earn toe tokens for each 2.5 mile increment they complete at school. These toe tokens are great for backpacks and serve as a reminder for the distance they have covered!

To participate, please register your student in the link included below. In order for your child to participate and receive prices, he/she must register for each school year of participation.

We also need volunteers to help track the students' progress and to cheer them on! It is a really small time commitment and a great chance to encourage the kids to be more active.

Online Registration:  Click Here
Sign Up and Help:  Click Here

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