Duties and Roles

Audits all financial transactions of the PTA bi-annually. Prepares report and presents it to the Executive Board and to the general meeting prior to submission to council.

Education and Health Services
Participates in district wellness committee and reports information and suggests programs relevant to our school. Go Green Initiative, Vision and Hearing Screening and the School Garden is facilitated by this chair, in addition to campaigns such as, but not limited to, Disaster Preparedness, Hand Washing Campaign, Lice Education and Food Allergy Education.

Looks for activities and programs for before, during or after school that offer enrichment opportunities for our students. This includes, but is not limited to, Science Fair, Reflections, Family Poetry Evening, Book Club, Observatory and STAR Gazing Parties, Spell-a-thon, Lego Robotics, Lego Simple Machines and Chess. Some of these programs will be supported by teachers and parents with small fees and some are offered by third parties vendors at additional costs.

Financial Secretary
Deposits all money. Responsible for making sure all Board members are aware of Cash Handling procedures and helps ensure they relay this information to their committee chairs. Helps generate OTD tax receipts letters for distribution to those who have donated funds.

With other Board members, works on annual budget and heads activities to raise the funds necessary to support the budget. This includes, but is not limited to, One Time Donation drive, Gift wrap, Book Fairs, Golf tournament, Spring Fundraiser when required and other activities that may be annual or otherwise.

Collects hours for PTA membership and Board for report to district and state PTA.

Organize and coordinate the Back to School Coffee; bring water and snacks to the monthly PTA Executive Board meetings, and, to the evening General Meetings (4x/year). Assist the Event Coordinators(s) with Teacher's Luncheons, Fall Carnival, Family Breakfast, Coffee with the Principal. Organize and coordinate other special events at the PTAs request.

Membership and Communications
Organizes walk through registration with school administration. Generates directory for members and issues membership cards. Works with school administration on all forms of communication including weekly FYI, Facebook, bi-annual Dragon Tales and website. Works with Room Parent Coordinator to distribute information to all classes and parents.

Ensures all PTA meetings and PTA business is conducted in accordance with PTA By-Laws. With President, ensures By-Laws are updated every two years and they reflect how our PTA performs its daily function while adhering to district and state rules.

Works with all boards members to ensure they can manage their specific areas of expertise. Together with Treasurer, Secretary and Financial Secretary works on managing the financial aspects of the PTA. With the board and school administration looks at budget requirements and school needs actively throughout the year. Attends monthly meeting with PUSD parents groups and superintendent. Works with PUSD, PPIE and CORE on district needs and communication back to school in conjunction with school administration. Attends and Chairs all Executive Board Meeting and General PTA meetings. Liaises with Staff proactively to understand concerns and changing needs. With principal, attends and speaks at Back to School welcome meetings. Is an advocate for our school at district meeting.

Responsible for taking minutes of each executive board meeting and the PTA general meeting. Sets the agenda for the general meetings. All minutes from meeting must be kept for reference.

Student and Community Services
Responsible for building Student and school spirit and also Community Spirit. Activities include, but are not limited to, Picture Day, Spirit Wear, Community service projects and our annual Giving Tree. Chair works with Student Leadership and administration to bring a variety of programs into our school that help promote caring behavior and community sharing. Organizes and distributes Lost and Found.

Generates checks as required on a weekly basis to support all needs. Generates monthly check reports and budget updates for presentation to Board members. Works with President, Secretary and Board members to ensure check requests have sufficient documentation. Works with accountants and auditor for all reporting needs including end of year tax filings and bi-annual audit reports.