Classroom Recycling Contest

For more information or to share ideas, please contact Emily Seltzer, Go Green Coordinator.

The Classroom Recycling Contest is an on-going program throughout the school year. The contest is a great way to show our students how to care for our environment through recycling, encourage ecological awareness and responsibility, raise classroom spirit, and contribute cash directly to each teacher’s classroom account—all without having to make a direct personal monetary donation. All funds raised through classroom recycling will be deposited directly into the classroom account of the teacher designated by the donator. The money will be used at the discretion of each teacher. Past examples of how teachers have chosen to use the funds raised include: purchasing technology for the classroom, buying handwriting books, and for classroom field trips or celebrations. Students can see how their recycling efforts make a tangible impact in the classroom by discussing with their teachers how the money raised will be used.

To Participate

  1. Bring qualifying recyclables (aluminum and plastic) to the classroom if the teacher has specifically allowed recyclables to be brought directly to his or her classroom. Note: each classroom has a different configuration and not all classrooms have space for an indoor/outdoor collection bin. A classroom parent serving as the Recycling Coordinator will collect recyclables and exchange them for money at a Buy Back Center.
  2. Take recyclables (aluminum, plastic and glass) directly to a Buy Back Center.

Where to Bring Money Collected 

  1. Put all money collected and the receipt in an envelope labeled with the teacher’s name and “Recycling Contest”. 
  2. Deliver envelope to the front office by the last day of each month.

Monthly Prizes (for the classroom that raises the most money in a given month)

  1. Have the honor of hanging the “We are Recycling Stars” banner on the classroom door
  2. Announcement in FYI, during Morning Announcements, and on Dragon TV

Grand Prize (for the classroom that collects the most money from September 1-May 31)

  • TBD – an announcement will be made in the school's newsletter.

Qualifying Recyclables

  1. Aluminum cans, and plastic and glass bottles with “CA CRV” on the label.
  2. When bringing aluminum cans or open plastic bottles to campus, please rinse thoroughly. This helps the Recycling Coordinators avoid messy spills in their cars, and avoids creating ant issues in our classrooms and hallways.
Important Note: for safety reasons, please do not bring any glass bottles on campus at any time. Glass bottles should be brought directly to the Buy Back Center.

Buy Back Center
Different Buy Back Centers pay differing amounts for recyclables. The closest location is the Pleasanton Transfer Station

Girl and Boy Scouts Volunteer Opportunities
If you or your child is involved with a kids club like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, please
 contact Emily Seltzer, Go Green Coordinator, for the volunteer opportunities listed below. Your scouts only need to commit to one event, one date, and the single experience will have a huge impact on everyone.

PTA General Meetings
Come join us at our General Meetings on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the School Library!

September 12, 2018
January 16, 2019
March 20, 2019–9:30 am
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