100 Mile Challenge & Fit Fridays Overview

Please contact Suzy Jennings or Charlotte Lindstrom for questions, concerns, 
donating prizes or volunteering at lunchtime on Fridays.

Dear Fitness Enthusiasts,

The Vintage Hills 100 Mile Challenge is about to begin! This is a fun, healthful, voluntary, free program in which all students, staff and families can participate. Miles can be earned starting on the day of the Fun Run. Participants attempt to run, jog, or walk 100 miles between September 25th and April 29th. We also accept biking miles. Every 4 miles biked will earn 1 mile credit toward the challenge.

Participants who reach the milestones, will be recognized in P.E. class and earn prizes throughout. The milestones are 20 miles, 40 miles, 60 miles, 80 miles, and then finally 100 miles! There will also be a prize for anyone who completes 150 miles or more. This is an ideal opportunity for families to focus on physical fitness together. Vintage Hills students have been learning the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of a consistent exercise program. This is something your child can do individually or with family members, either going for a walk or taking a jog. You might even end up signing up for road races together once you get going.

Where Do We Run?
The blue line around our school playground is equivalent to 1/8 mile. Eight times around it will equal one mile. There are also 1⁄4 tracks at the middle schools and the high schools. You can even design a mile course in your neighborhood. Don’t forget that walking to and from school is another great way to add mileage. Think about ways to incorporate walking or running into your day. We would like to promote this program as a way to increase activity and so we prefer that kids and families only count mileage that is above and beyond their normal routine. Please do not record mileage for activities that are already a part of your household routine.

Registration and Recording Miles
Registration and all mileage recording and submission can be completed on the website. To start, first register the participant on the Vintage Hills PTA website. After registering, you will be able to keep track of miles and submit them directly through the website. Parents MUST register their students each year in order for their child to participate.

Fit Fridays
To allow students an opportunity to accrue mileage toward their 100-mile goal, volunteers will facilitate Fit Fridays at lunch recess for grades 1-5. Using music as a signal, enrolled participants can spend 15 minutes of their lunchtime recess running/ walking laps around the blue line. Students earn small prizes for every 2.5 miles accumulated during recess in addition to earning more miles toward the 100-mile challenge. For every 2.5 miles earned, volunteers will update the student’s mileage on the website. 


We are all excited about an activity in which all students can participate. We hope you and your child will take part and enjoy physical activity together. This is a wonderful way to build spirit and camaraderie among students and staff alike.

Please contact Suzy Jennings or Charlotte Lindstrom for questions, concerns, 
donating prizes or volunteering at lunchtime on Fridays.